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“Recommended to Tuffy and Noah in particular since 2 years ago. I have encountered several Tuffy team members and they have all been beyond helpful and kind in their professional perspective! Honest dependable and timely! I truly appreciate and thank them for the expert workmanship and the personal touch they put into the quality of their job! It’s more than just an oil change or brake work, they keep me informed and show me exactly what’s going on! I’ve come to bring the entire team refreshments and snacks to show my appreciation! Tuffy is my family vehicle care! Thanks again so much for the entire team and management and ownership!!!”

Mari Comer

Jun 08, 2021 – Saint Johns, FL

“GREAT location!!”

Krista Smith

Feb 22, 2021 – Jacksonville, FL

“When my truck suddenly stopped running on a Sunday, I left it in Tuffy 's lot and dropped the key in the off hours drop. Monday morning by 8:00, I received a call from Noah asking what was up with my truck. I explained what happened and the team went right to work diagnosing the issue. By 10:00, I recieved another call with an additional question to assist in further diagnosis. Within the hour, they found the issue (the modular relay shorted out). By 1:30, the truck was ready! Noah was awesome with prompt and courteous customer service. Nice to know this type of service still exists! Thanks to Noah and the Tuffy's team!”

Raymond Robinson

Nov 25, 2020 – Jacksonville, FL

“Awesome service! Our car had a service engine light on and we had over 100,00 miles. It was a Saturday so we found Tuffy Auto service and called. They took us right away. We had to leave it over the weekend but they gave us a loaner car to drive. What a nice surprise! They were very courteous and helpful. When we got our car back on Monday it ran better than ever! They were very reasonable, efficient, and so helpful! Thank you Tuffy Auto! You are our go to place for any car needs from now on!”

marcia ottie

Nov 12, 2020 – Atlantic Beach, FL

“Was out of town in Jacksonville and had a puncture in the sidewall of one tire. Went to Tuffy. Since it was in the sidewall and couldn’t be patched, i needed a new tire. They ordered the specialty tire, had it couriered to Tuffy, loaned me an SUV of theirs and less than two hours later, I was on my way. Boy are they kind there and Dave was excellent. They really seem to be on top of their game there.”

Suzan S

Oct 27, 2020 – Orlando, FL

“I am a repeat customer of Tuffy’s because I value their customer service skills. They are very engaging, they have good communication among each other as a team and their environment is very clean and welcoming. One main aspect of their quality service is their professional advice as to what your vehicle requires. To me, that is probably the most essential so that you can make your own decision about what service to perform on your vehicle at the time. This is a FIVE STAR auto care service company!”

Jose S

Sep 09, 2020 – Jacksonville, FL


Rosalind L

Dec 17, 2019 – Jacksonville , FL

“I break it, they fix it. My jeep has 330,000 miles on it, they keep it going, I'm hard on it, trips to VA on and off road from the Beaches on Outer Banks to the mountains. Over past few years the have provided very good service, know how to fix anything and do a good job at a reasonable price.”

Bruce F

Nov 25, 2019 – Hatfield, FL

“Great and fast repair Thanks”

Ziggy O

Sep 25, 2019 – Chicago , FL

“Just wanted to say Tuffys has a FANTASTIC customer service. I take my personal and my company vehicle in for service. They talk and treat each person with respect and take time to handle their customers properly. Have an issue with something and they’re quick to fix or make the issue right. A+ company ”

Taylor the Detailer

Sep 10, 2019 – Jacksonville, FL

“I have been involved with the Automotive Industry for 25 years and I after getting to know David and the team at Jacksonville Tuffy I was amazed! This shop is packed full of talent to look after your vehicles and keep your family safe on the road. Its not very often where you find a shop that is run so well and cares so much about your experience. ”

Steve b

May 17, 2019 – Jacksonville, FL

“For those who want reliable service, low costs, and great work look no further! This place is hands down the best car service in Jacksonville. The owner Dave was so friendly and honest! Days after picking up my car Tuffy sent me a text just to check and see how the car was doing, only giving me another reason to love them. I will refer and be a long time customer, thanks Tuffy!”

Kristen S

May 02, 2019 – Jacksonville, FL

“We all heard the stereotype about mechanics & garages right? Well, this facility is top notch! I have an 04 Honda Pilot thats very well maintained and since I’ve moved to FL less than a year, I haven't really found an HONEST mechanic or garage until I found Tuffy location on Beach Blvd by chance. The service is IMPECCABLE and they actually FIX the root of the problem on the spot! I had two bad experiences with garages here in Fl since Ive moved here. One was Tire Kingdom in Ponte Vedra location for regular oil change, & their inexperience mechanic used an impact wrench to screw back the oil pan plug which caused it to leak, and finally spend more $$$ to replace the oil pan out of pocket. Had the oil pan installed by a different garage (Maxi Auto Care) in Beach Blvd FL which is highly recommended by AAA. However, when I came back to the same garage for a different problem, thats where HONESTY came to play SMH! Had a noise problem, with my power steering, and this garage tried to fix it two different occasions where I have to pay both Labor costs and parts TWICE and the problem STILL wasn’t fixed two weeks later. First time, they said that it should fix the squeaking noise by draining the power steering fluid and filling it with a fresh one. Two weeks later I came back to them for the same problem. They then change the power steering belt and was told that if the squeaking noise is still there, I may need to change the power steering motor. After spending labor cost and parts for the same problem, the noise is still there. Came back two weeks later for the same problem and was told by the Svc Mgr, that Honda Pilot has that problems all the time bcoz she also owns one herself, & that if I replace the power steering motor, the squeaking noise will still be there since its an older SUV. Wow, that means I have to pay them an additional labor cost and parts for a problem they may NOT THINK it will be fixed so I said no to them. Three weeks later, my maintenance light went on for a regular oil change and I happen passed by Tuffy on Beach Blvd. I went in for a regular oil change and spoke to the Svc Mgr and explained to him about the squeaking noise on my power steering. And to my surprised, THEY DID FIX the problem one time which should have been done in the first place. Come to find out, when Maxi replaced the belts the second time, Maxi auto care didnt bother taking the rubber residue from the old belt when theyve replaced it with a new one. I must say that Tuffy definitely acquired a permanent and a loyal client bcoz of it. Just for the record, my Pilot had always been serviced by a HONDA Dealer where I bought that vehicle Brand New in 2004, and kept all maintenance record for it. I got the same QUALITY OF SERVICE and HONESTY from the same dealership in Pa at Tuffy, Beach Blvd location! I highly recommend that place for sure.”

E.R. S

Apr 22, 2019 – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“I want to thank Jeremy and the owner for the outstanding customer service and amazing way they both went out of there way to help a single mom get repairs needed done at prices I was able to afford. They both took time to find ways for me to be able to make the repairs fit my thight budget. It wasn’t just about making the almighty dollar for them . It was making sure I received what repairs that I needed . I will always remember and send anyone and everyone that will listen to these guys for all of their car care needs . Thank you again for going above and beyond .”

Terri R

Jan 28, 2019 – Jacksonville, FL

“The service professionals at Tuffy were great. I brought my car in due to a severe vibration at higher speeds, thinking it needed an alignment. After inspecting it thoroughly, the manager advised me that I didn’t need an alignment, but my tires were worn and out of balance andneeded replacing. They gave me a quote for new tires but were not pushy at all and did not charge me anything for the diagnosis. I explained I had bought my tires at discount tire originally and would purchase new set there since I’d get a significant credit because of my warranty. I would recommend Tuffy 100%! ”

Gaye M

Oct 30, 2018 – Atlantic Beach , FL

“Always a great experience coming to Tuffy for an oil change! Also some of the best prices in town! ”

Alexandra I

Sep 04, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL

“It is our pleasure to recommend the services of Tuffy Auto Service. They do an excellent job, are always dependable, great customer service. ”

Whites Roofing Company W

Jul 26, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL

“As a first time customer, not only was I made to feel welcome but the service on my vehicle was excellent. My first impression was the best. I met Mr. Hillegas, the store manager, and he expressed sincere concern for my F150 truck. He introduced me to Mr. David the Operation director which indicated to me their sense of Team Work. Mr. Hillegas exhibited a great deal of knowledge about vehicles. We went on a ride in my truck and he was able to diagnose the exact problem. During the repair process, he communicated with me very well and kept me notified of the cost, the schedule and of what I could expect from the repair. They also offered me a Veteran discount ! I highly recommend Tuffy tire and Auto Services to everyone. By the way Mr. Hillegas should get a promotion. ”

Jose Antonio Santana

Jul 05, 2018 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“One of best Auto repair shops anywhere. You now have a long term customer. Your manager was the best I have found in years of having my auto service and repaired.”

Albert R

Jul 03, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL

“Always excellent and timely service.”

Daniel W

Jun 12, 2018 – Saint Johns, FL

“I was very pleased with the professionalism and speed at the Tuffy Service Center. My problem was immediately serviced and solved and the staff was very accommodating. I would highly recommend anyone going here for service.”

Nikki B

Oct 16, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL

“My 2004 Toyota Highlander needed a lot of work. I went to your store at Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Florida. Jason took excellent care of me and kept me up to date during the entire repair process. It turns out i needed quite a bit done and the team there got it done in one day!! My car literally has never run better!! A huge thank you to Jason and teh yeam at that location!! i will definately be back!!”

Shawn N

Aug 29, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL



Aug 20, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL

“AC stopped working in my 2005 mustang. Dealer told me I needed entire system and gave me a quote of almost $2K. Thought that was a little high and saw flyer for a free A/C inspection from Tuffy. Took car in and was greeted timely by service personnel. They took car in and attempted to recharge A/C unit and found a condenser was not functioning properly. Gave me a quote to fix condenser to see if that would resolve issue or if other things needed to be looked at. Condenser fixed and resolved problem. A/C blowing cold now and saved me over a $1K as compared to dealer. Would highly recommend.”

Jonathan G

Jul 10, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL

“Excellent customer service. First, my Grand Caravan had a broken heater hose that sprayed coolant all over the fuse box causing a short in the starter or security relay. Tuffy repaired the hose in one day when the dealership said it would take 3 days to look at my vehicle. Tuffy also attempted troubleshoot the short and did not charge me for the time involved. They also rest the check engine light several times for the shorting issue with out charging me for the service. Second the timing belt on my wife's PT Cruiser broke and they repaired the car the same day at a much lower cost than the dealership.”

Thomas H

Feb 23, 2017 – jacksonville, FL

“I used to go to some well known in and out oil place. But nearly everytime I went they tried to sell me some extra service I didn't need and something would go wrong with my car. Tuffys was fast, friendly, and didn't try to sell me another service. They said my car was in great condition. I tried them out because their reviews were great, do glad I did. I'll be back. ”

Laura P

Feb 23, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL

“I took my vehicle to them last week for an oil change and tire rotation...excellent Customer Service, very clean environment, and my 2016 Dodge Journey is running smoothly. I was there by 8:10am and out before 9:00am. Will definitely be back for future work when needed.”

Camiile L

Jan 22, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL

“They have done brake work and change the shocks on my wife's Durango. Their prices are good and they always use quality parts. They will also give quotes over the phone on normal ware and tear parts, which a lot of places will not do. I have always been pleased with their work!”

Michael S

Dec 17, 2016 – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“I have been bringing all my vehicles here for many years. Excellent service I will recommend Tuffy's to all my friends and family. Keep up the great work.”

Andrew Mandarakas

Dec 03, 2016 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“My Jeep was due for an oil change and I was dreading taking to the same old in and out shops and paying their high prices. I found Tuffy and read all the great reviews on line. Scheduled my same day appointment and was really pleased when the technician called me into the bay because he found an issue with my Jeep that was covered under my warranty. They didn't even try to sell me on any repairs so I knew they were being honest with me. My Jeep is do for another oil change and I won't be taking it to any other place than Tuffys!! ”

Angela L

Nov 09, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“I moved to Fl about three years ago, went to jeep dealership as well as other local shops, poor service. Always cost way more than estimate. Neighbor said take it to Tuffy's, I did and service was professional and facility was clean. They provide a detailed estimate and cost are reasonable and pretty close to estimate. My jeep has 274,000 miles on it and they keep it going. ”


Sep 12, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“Great environment. Love how I am treated. ”

Shawandie B

Aug 28, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“As a woman I feel like most places try and take advantage. With Tuffy's I dont feel that way! They are honest, upfront and the cheapest around! Highly recommend Tuffy's for ANYTHING YOU NEED! I will forever go to this location and trust these guys with my vehicles :)”

Kirstin K

Aug 26, 2016 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Very helpful people Service has been very good I would not hesitate to send any one there for service”

Edward Knepley

Jul 19, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“I did not know about this place until about 8or9 years ago when I decided to give thme a try. Now I know I made the right choice. They do all of the work on all of my vehicles. They are a friendly staff and always explain exactly what is going on before they fix anything. They now have taken care of 4 of my vehicles and I refuse to go anywhere else. I recommend tuffy to anyone that says they are having car trouble.”

April R

Jul 02, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“Around my boyfriend, Bert, neighborhood, there are many auto services. Before Tuffy, we were also taking our cars to Goodyear because he could walk over there to pick up the cars. Unfortunately, Goodyear has been always changing the management and service team. Indeed, this was happened to Toyota since my car was bought in Toyota. The personnel ongoing replacement didn't improve the service, and indeed it lowered the service. Many times my car didn't fix the problems they were supposed to. After Tuffy opened and because it's more closed to his house, so he recommended me bringing my car there. I do feel they are family team and since it's been more than a year, it's always the same person and he did remember what problem we have before. That gave us confidence to let Tuffy fix my car. If nothing changes, I will continue to take my car to fix it.”

Cindy C

Jun 18, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“I have been Taken-OVER by good service and a better price for all my auto repairs. I started with a oil change using a synthetic blend, -Vs- the usually type. Gradually as i began to use the Tuffy Auto Service more I realized it was a trustworthy company. I have had several major tire companies work on my car. I like the Tuffy Brand because they have less turnover and I get guaranteed results.”

Herbert L

Jun 17, 2016 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“First time I tried Tuffy. Excellent service. Got an alignment. The price they quoted and the time it took to complete was what they promised. Great job and great experience! I would recommend Tuffy to anyone looking for honest and quality work!”

Karen P

Jun 11, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“I have front end work done along with ac repair and full brake service. This crew of auto mechanics are very sharp and efficient, professional clean shop. I highly would recommend them.”

anthony mauro

Apr 05, 2016 – Jacksonville, FL

“I just want someone at corporate headquarters to know how pleased I have been with the service provided by the Tuffy service center at 14026 Beach Blvd here in Jacksonville. Jason, the store manager, is always friendly with everyone who walks in the door and he addresses any and all questions without making the customer feel ignorant about automotive repair. I have been taking my 2007 Acura to this location since my warranty ran out and I couldn't be more pleased with the way I have been treated here by Jason and all of his personnel. Recently my car's electrical system was having issues and after leaving the car all day for diagnostics I was running late to pick it up so I called to let them know and when I arrived they were still there waiting for me. I work in healthcare and I know it is a rarity to get compliments let alone a simple thank you so I feel it is important to acknowledge employees who represent their company's values and commitment to quality service. Please pass this along to the corporate officers so they know what a great job this location is doing. Thank you ”

Steve B.

Dec 08, 2015 – Jacksonville, FL

“I arrived at the shop with an overheating vehicle. The heater hose that needed to be replaced was a difficult to find item. The manager, Jason Carroll, did his best to find an available comparable hose. The technician, Josh Whitehead worked diligently to install the hose - a very challenging repair! Employees like Josh are a rare find!!!!!!!! It's difficult to find great service, especially at 4:30 in the afternoon. I do not live in Jacksonville, and appreciate Jason and Josh going the extra mile to get me back on the road. Thanks guys!!”

Andrea S

Jul 17, 2015 – fernandina, FL

“This shop is TOP NOTCH! I work up here in Jacksonville, and I was in search of a shop that I could trust to work on my Diesel truck. I came here and these guys are awesome. They did my egr delete, aftermarket fuel system, programmer, dpf delete and 4'' turbo back. I havent had any problems, and would reccommend this shop to everyone! ”

Dylan D

Mar 27, 2015 – Jacksonville beach, FL

“I live in south Florida, and was travelling through Jacksonville, Florida when my car developed a big oil leak. Just the week prior, my regular Tuffy store had replaced a gasket near the oil filter, which proved to be defective. The store on 14026 Beach Ave was the closest to my hotel, so I topped off the oil, and drove over there. I explained my problem to Adam Pattock, the store manager, and he had one of the tech's immediately look at the car, and ordered the replacement gasket. The car was fixed in only a few hours time, allowing me to continue home. I'm a retired insurance adjuster, so I have spent lots of time over the years in body and mechanical shops. Adam's shop is the cleanest place I think I have ever been. His professionalism and kindness was amazing. I thought my Tuffy store in Fort Myers was a fluke, but I guess all of your stores show this same level of professionalism. And, as if all of this wasn't enough, there was no charge for the repair because his shop replaced a defective part that my regular store had installed! Thanks again to Adam and the guys in Jacksonville for such quick and professional service! ”

Mark S.

Mar 20, 2015 – Fort Myers Beach, FL

“I received the BEST service today from Tuffy. Not only was my truck fixed within half an hour, the guys in there are so sweet! One of them even fixed my key so that it could attach to my Keychain with a zip tie. (It was broken) That meant so much to me. Thank yall so much! They pay attention to the smallest of problems! I'll never go anywhere else! ”

Jessie B

Jan 17, 2015 – Jacksonville, FL

“My first visit was in July 2012, and have returned ever since. They are a no-nonsense, upfront professional org. that has satisfied my needs on every visit, with no hassle or hustle. My satisfaction has been more than first anticipated.”


Oct 18, 2014 – Hoge, FL

“First time reviewer...long time customer. Whenever I walk into these places I feel like I have a stamp across my forehead that says jack up the price she has no idea what we are talking about. I have never felt that way walking into Tuffy. I always feel like I get the best price for quality work and the staff is always friendly. ”

Jessica T

Oct 11, 2014 – Jacksonville, FL

“5 Stars! Excellent shop – hands down the best customer service I’ve seen at an auto repair store. Thanks again guys. I’ll definitely be coming back here for future repairs.”

Thomas W

Sep 02, 2014 – Jacksonville, FL

“First time customer..Now a long term customer! Honest,courteous,and very accommodating.I decided to wait for my repairs to be completed and spent some 6 hours listening to customers and employees and all the time being checked on and kept up to date on my vehicle. I witnessed a young women who's vehicle was towed in and was expecting a huge repair bill. The technicians pushed her vehicle into the repair area where after several minutes the vehicle was started. It was a simple switch that needed to be reset. She was sent on her way and charged nothing!!! Unfortunately you just can't say that about most auto service businesses these days. Yes! I am now a long term customer. Great place!!”

Steve S

Mar 23, 2014 – Jacksonville, FL

“Honest. Can be counted upon. Go far and beyond the call of duty. Puts customer first. Friendly. Efficient.”

Nick w

Aug 12, 2013 – Jacksonville, FL

““Adam and Evan were fantastic, - Very knowledgeable, Polite and courteous”. “The store has a great location; it was very clean and organized and was just very impressed with Adam and Evan and my overall experience.” “I will be going back whenever I need any kind of automotive needs and will be sure to see Adam or Evan”.”

Jim R

Jul 22, 2013 – Jacksonville , FL

“Adam & the Team of Tuffy Mechanics, Thank you all so much for your patient & professional customer service. We appreciate all that you do for us and our autos.. Sincerely, Flo & Bob M. ”

Flo & Bob M.

Mar 22, 2013 – , FL

“Yooooooo! Straight up and down...your location on Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL. Blowwwwnnn awayyy by the service. My man Adam, cooler than a fan, just as professional as he can be, really took care of me. I'm bringing all my business to Tuffy! And if anyone ask, I'm referring them to Tuffy!!!! Adam rocks! Evan's pretty cool too! Man, yall rock Tuffy! ”

Chris B.

Feb 26, 2013 – Jacksonville , FL

“Mr. Evan Green was exceptionally helpful. Not feeling very well today. Made sure I was comfortable with hot tea, and sent my car back to service immediately. I have worked retail for 20 years and this was "Customer Service'" at it's best!!!”

Latanya C

Jan 18, 2013 – Jacksonville, FL

“Dear Tuffy Crew, Thank you for providing a great experience recently at your Jacksonville service center. The crew was helpful and friendly. Adam went out of his way to fix my broken visor. It has helped me more than you know! Keep up the good work. See you next time. ”

Lauren L.

Dec 18, 2012 – Jacksonville , FL

“I was pleasantly surprised with my entire experience at this Tuffy location. It was my first visit but will DEFINITELY not be my last! In these economical times price is a huge factor and THEY BEAT THEM ALL WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY OR QUANITY OF WHAT U GET DONE FOR THE MONEY!!! These guys were super nice and knowledgeable too!!! WAY TO GO ~ TUFFY ON BEACH BLVD.!!!!!”


Oct 26, 2012 – JACKSONVILLE, FL

“I had just moved to Jacksonville 4 months ago and needed an alignment because I lifted my truck and I was skeptical on Auto Services in the area, I went online, read good reviews about Tuffy's which I never heard of before, so I drove down there, the place was super clean, the guys were really nice, greeted me, even brought me back to my Truck because they found one of my bolts ceased in the control arm, they explained and showed me they were able to align it and gave me recommendations for future alignments. They were fantastic and won me over for future services on my truck. I waited on my truck but some customers came in after me and needed to drop off their vehicle and needed rides and Tuffy's employees gave them complimentary rides to their destination. What company's do that nowadays? THIS ONE!! Great Service! Great Employees! I have nothing but high recommendations for Tuffy's! I'll see you guys again for business! Thanks for the Great Experience! Old Fashion Customer Service with Today's Technology! ”

Christopher M

Oct 07, 2012 – Genesse, FL

“Started using Tuffy on Beach Blvd for an oil change three months ago. Since then I have returned two times with mechanical issues on my 2001 Cadillac. On every occasion, Evan Green, Asst Mgr provided an accurate diagnosis that I could understand, coupled with amazing turnaround times! In each case, the cost was at least 1/2 of what a Cadillac dealership would have charged! Try Tuffy next time.”

Scott N

Sep 21, 2012 – Jacksonville, FL

“I went in for an alignment and Evan brought to my attention a serious issue with my front lower control arm tie. He showed me the issue and told me that he was more concerned for my safety driving my car in that condition. He quoted me a very fair price and offered the 20.00 off coupon that they had available. He had my car fixed and on the road the next day. I am very, very happy with the customer service, workmanship and the fair price. I am sold.. I will be back and I will recommend Tuffy's on Beach Blvd to my friends and family!”

Renee N

Aug 30, 2012 – Atlantic Beach, FL

“Bob, Adam, Evan, and the team at this Tuffy are EXCEPTIONAL! They are upfront about repairs, they're honest, and they get the work done in a timely manner. I was so happy when I found a Tuffy when I moved to FL, and even happier that I found a shop that I can trust and that I can recommend to my friends in this area. They service ALL my cars for everything I need done. If it's something they can't do, they know who can. These guys are awesome! ”

Charlotte M.

Jun 21, 2012 – Jacksonville, FL

“My new Jeep's window would not roll up. The Tuffy on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL repaired it but due to a faulty manufacturer design it soon broke again. The gentleman who helped me was patient, polite and explained everything to me-and repaired everything correctly. I have been very happy with the quality of their work at this service center. I didn't know anything about how child locks worked, but when my door wouldn't open from the inside the same man patiently helped me. I couldn't feel more secure about having this Tuffy staff work on any of my vehicles, and will be recommending them to all! ”

Rebekah P

Jun 07, 2012 – Jacksonville , FL

“Very pleased with the way I was treated and I will be back, for my future service needs. Tuffy Saved me a lot of money, and Evan and Bob, very pleasant and very honest, which is very hard to find in the auto service industry. Refreshing to run across a auto service company with dealership knowledge and experience, without the dealership pricing. Keep up the guys, I see a bright future for Tuffy on the beach blvd.”

Kevin J

May 22, 2012 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Just wanted to say thank you to Evan and the crew for pointing out the dry rot on my tires. I went back to the store immediately where I had purchased the tires and was able to receive new tires at no charge. Thanks again!!!!”

Susan G.

Apr 30, 2012 – Jacksonville , FL

“Bob, Adam, Evan & The Tuffy Crew, Happy Easter! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. I wanted to write to you to thank you again for everything you did for me and my car! The service you've provided was outstanding and I am so greatful for the great work done on my car, also thank you for the referral to ACE collision. I appreciate your honesty & excellant service! Thank you! Sincerly Kayla”

Kayla S

Apr 11, 2012 – Jacksonville, FL

“Adam, I want to thank you for all your kindness and hard work in trying to repair my 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander. As frustrating as it was to your crew to install a new radiator only to find the head gasket blown and the subsequent problems you can only imagine how bad it was for me. You, Bobl, and a couple other of your staff who passed through the waiting area that fateful day of March 5th were so nice that I am able to look back on the whole thing as a pleasant experience. After all, my friend had just arrived from New York and the couple hours in your lobby were spent catching up and that included a lot of laughter. I went to the Mitsubishi dealership yesterday and retrieved all the stuff from my old car that had been towed from your service center and I have managed to get most of it into my new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. I appreciate your courtesy and kindness. Debbie ”

Debbie G

Mar 30, 2012 – Daytona, FL

“so glad i did not have to go to the dealer Thanks”

Derry H

Feb 08, 2012 – Ponte Vedra, FL

“04-FEB-2012 Had an oil change on my vehicle. Excellent price, excellent service, nice waiting room with coffee and water. All employees were friendly, respectful and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend and return to Tuffy on Beach Blvd. ”

Jody T

Feb 04, 2012 – Atlantic Beach, FL

“I have used Tuffy on Beach Boulevard for the past three years, right around the time that everything started falling apart on my vehicle. They have been timely, professional and affordable. I can't beat the convenience: I drop of the car and walk home! Anthony really is a good guy and a great mechanic! ”

Christopher M

Feb 03, 2012 – Jacksoville, FL

“Had my car serviced 1/30/2012 and was totally pleased with the courtesy and excellent service provided I will happily recommend this facility.Lamar Veal”

lamar v

Jan 30, 2012 – JACKSONVILLE, FL

“Awesome service. Always”

Lisa A

Jan 27, 2012 – Patterson, FL