Tire Replacement: What Jacksonville Drivers Need to Know

October 28, 2018

Looking at getting some new tires? Maybe the real reason for wanting those off-highway tires is that they look cool. Well there's nothing wrong with that. If you make sure that you've got your functional needs covered with your selection, then you can have some fun with where you go from there.L... More

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in Jacksonville

October 22, 2018

There is no escaping it: things work better when you take care of them. Something most of us in Jacksonville can relate to is our computers. You've probably noticed how they get slower and slower over time. It takes longer to start up and programs take forever to load. Eventually, many of us jus... More

How Does Tuffy Jacksonville Know What to Recommend?

October 14, 2018

When you drop your vehicle off at Tuffy Jacksonville in Jacksonville, they don't just poke around under your hood looking for stuff to do. Tuffy Jacksonville professionals have lists and procedures they follow for different types of service. First of all, your Jacksonville service center will not... More

Hey Jacksonville Drivers, How Many Miles Are on Your Car?

October 7, 2018

Nowadays, Jacksonville drivers are paying more at Florida gas pumps. For some families it adds up to several hundred dollars every month. That's got to come out of the budget somewhere. This is one of the reasons many Florida drivers are putting off buying a new car. They plan on keeping their ol... More