Keeping Your Jacksonville Air Fresh When Driving With A Clean Cabin Air Filter

October 28, 2015

Pop quiz: What is a cabin air filter? A. A filter for your Jacksonville house? B. A fresh, piney scent? C. A filter for the passenger compartment of your car? Clever you, its C. A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it comes into the passenger compartment of your SUV... More

Fuel System Cleaning at Tuffy Jacksonville for Better Performance

October 21, 2015

Hi Jacksonville drivers. Let's talk fuel injectors. A fuel injector is a valve that delivers fuel to a vehicles engine. It has to deliver the precise amount of fuel, to precisely the right place, precisely when the engine needs it. The fuel also has to be mixed with air before it can burn in th... More

Cool Running In Jacksonville

October 7, 2015

Unless you live in Death Valley, you really dont hear much any more about cars overheating. Thats because cooling systems in vehicles have been much improved. That doesnt mean you cant overheat your SUV engine, though. Without proper preventive maintenance, you could still find yo... More

Looking Down the Road - Headlamps

October 2, 2015

If you've ever been driving around Jacksonville and had a headlamp go out, you've probably just wanted to replace the bad bulb. If your car uses halogen headlamps, they dim over time. So if you just put in one, they won't have the same brightness which can be distracting and will aff... More