Fuel Saving Tip: Dirty Oil in Your Jacksonville Vehicle

June 30, 2019

If you're a quart low in your vehicle, there isn't enough motor oil to lubricate your engine properly. The extra friction causes drag that reduces fuel economy while you're driving around the Jacksonville area.The same goes for dirty oil; it doesn't reduce friction properly. The result is you get... More

For 4x4s (Maintenance of 4x4 Vehicles)

June 23, 2019

Some people love 4x4 vehicles, the true 4-wheel drive works of engineering like Jeeps and 4x4 pickups that allow you to seemingly go anywhere on the planet. You can climb up a 40-degree rock trail with some planning and skill (always careful to protect the environment, of course), or you can get ... More

Differential Service at Tuffy Jacksonville: Viva la Difference

June 16, 2019

Every vehicle on Florida roads has a differential, and it is important to the proper operation of the vehicle. But most Jacksonville residents don't have a clue what it is.The differential compensates for differing wheel speeds. For example, when you turn, the inside tire on the turn travels a ... More

Make Your Vehicle Last

June 9, 2019

We live in such a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast, we just toss the old and move on. In the old days, Florida folks were real sticklers about taking care of their things. If something got lost or ruined by neglect, tough - they had to do w... More

Smooth Shifting in Jacksonville, Florida: Transmission Service

June 2, 2019

So you have some exciting plans for the weekend. You're going to take some of your friends out on the boat for some water skiing. Of course, you've gotten the boat all ready. And you haven't forgotten about your tow vehicle. You've gassed it up and even vacuumed it out. However, there is somethi... More