Tuffy Jacksonville Tire Safety: Washington vs. Lincoln

June 27, 2016

Welcome to the Tuffy Jacksonville automotive blog. Today, let's talk about the effect of tire wear. Let's focus on stopping in wet Jacksonville conditions. In order for a tire to have good contact with the road, it has to move the water out of the way. If it can't move the water, the tire will ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Jacksonville: Rotor Problems

June 19, 2016

The brake rotor, or disc, is attached to your wheel. The brake pads rub on the rotor to slow your car when you are driving in Jacksonville.Rotors can warp, crack or become misaligned. They can also be damaged by worn out brake pads that scratch grooves into the surface. These conditions result in... More

Ask Tuffy Jacksonville About the Importance of Service Intervals

June 13, 2016

Today in our Tuffy Jacksonville blog, we're going to talk about following recommended service intervals. Your vehicle isn't the only aspect of your life with recommended intervals: What about six-month dental cleanings and regular physical exams? Then there's laundry, mowing the lawn, paying you... More

Relax When the Wind Blows in Florida: Winter Car Prep for Jacksonville Drivers

June 5, 2016

When autumn comes around in Jacksonville, leaves fall, nights get longer and there's a definite nip in the air. Time to unpack the boots and gloves and fold some extra blankets onto the beds. It's also time for Jacksonville drivers to winterize their vehicles.Here is some expert auto advice for J... More