Questions To Ask Your Jacksonville Service Advisor

March 28, 2014

We find that a lot of Jacksonville service and repair at Tuffy Jacksonville are a little tentative when they talk with their automotive advisors. They want to ask questions, but don't want to be embarrassed or to seem pushy. Cars are very complicated and there's more to know about th... More

Your Well Trained Technician At Tuffy Jacksonville

March 19, 2014

When your SUV has a problem, or just needs some routine service, you might get a little nervous. Your cars so important to your life in Jacksonville, you need to back on the road as soon as possible with the problem fixed right the first time. If youve ever checked into some of the... More

Steer Right In Jacksonville

March 13, 2014

Virtually all vehicles come with power steering so many Jacksonville drivers have never driven a car or truck without it. Power steering assists you when you turn your SUV steering wheel. Without it, it would be very hard to steer. Now this power assist comes in a couple of forms. In recent yea... More

Give Your Engine Clean Fuel With A New Fuel Filter From Tuffy Jacksonville

March 7, 2014

Your SUV requires plenty of clean fuel to run. If your fuel contains contaminants, your fuel injectors will eventually become clogged up. When this happens, your SUV engine may not get the proper amount of fuel at the correct pressure to run at peak performance. This hurts fuel econ... More